Comfort and Trust- physical and emotional-this is what I offer to my clients so they can be in a space to cope and to heal. I most love helping clients who are experiencing any type of chronic illness and need support that isn’t just more pharmaceuticals.I have clients with ALS, Fibromyalgia, Breast Cancer, Kidney Disease, Lipedema, and many more. I am now accepting new clients and prefer to start working with individuals that value massage therapy as ongoing treatment and realize that it isn't a "one and done" miracle therapy.

If this is you, I can't wait to meet you!

Client Testimonials

"Angie is very knowledgeable in her field of work. Cupping with massage does wonders."

Dwight M.

Satisfied Client

"Angie is the most kind hearted and trustworthy person who deeply cares about the wellbeing of her clients. You will be in good hands.!"

Jocelyn P.

Satisfied Client

"Knows what she is doing and the areas you need work on. Very calm in mannerisms and pleasant. On time."

Marilyn S.

Satisfied Client

Angela's private studio is Merit Massage Care and is conveniently located inside the HomeTrust Bank Building by the Johnson City mall! She sells great massage packages that will save you money!

Angela Tyree LMT most loves to help folks who have fragile health conditions, including but not limited to conditions such as cancer, Parkinson's, and ALS. But you don't have to be ill to be her client! Her practice is in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Angela Tyree LMT, MLD-C

1907 N Roan ST

Johnson City, TN 37601


1pm to 9pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

3pm to 5pm Friday & Saturday

CLOSED Sunday & Monday

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